Busy moms everywhere are CRUSHING thier goals with m3 simple steps to creating the perfect plan for your body, your goals, and your schedule.  This is the same efficient, effective formula that I use to design all my clients (and my own) workout programs AND exactly what you will learn in this Perfect Workout Week Masterclass!

» Break free from the all or nothing mentality and create a consistent fitness routine. No more feeling like you need to “run-off” every extra calorie you eat.

» Learn how to train with purpose, knowing each workout is getting you one step closer to your goal. No more mindlessly hopping from program to program.

» Finally efficiently integrate your health and fitness goals into your life instead of something you have to do on top of it all.

Mama, you got this! ...and I got you!

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Alison Marie, PhD.

Strategic Fitness Coach to Busy Moms

I'm a pre/postnatal certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist and master of efficiency.

I help busy moms crush the overwhelm, quiet the noise, and take control of their health and fitness. I'm also a real life, goal chasing, busy mom just like you.

No second guessing, just plain doing!

I rediscovered my love for fitness and how to enjoy it as part of my day not just for a specific short term goal but to feel vibrant, confident and alive

~Karem M.